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2017 short list

The other night, I made a “short list” of sorts for my year-end CD, just to see how many songs we were at for the year. I had this feeling that there were already at least enough to fill most of … Continue reading

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Barbarella psychadella

So I got a little bit of Christmas money and because I’m not going to go to many concerts this year (famous last words), I decided to buy a few albums that I’ve had my eye on for a while. … Continue reading

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Tamed & wild

Found out today that Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album coming out in May. This is good news, as long time readers and those that know me well know that Mary Chapin Carpenter had a profound and lasting effect … Continue reading

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A nearly FROOT-less endeavor

It’s been raining records around here lately, which is not a bad thing except for my wallet. I managed to score a vinyl copy of Dolly Parton’s 1999 album The Grass Is Blue, due in no small part to Borderline … Continue reading

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March Music, Part 1

While most of the world is gearing up for March Madness (you know, the college basketball thing), I’m bracing myself for an expensive month on the new music front.  There is so much new music coming out in March that … Continue reading

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A bag of singles

I took today off work. It was supposed to be my day off from the weekend, but then I ended up not working the weekend and since they were already planning on me not being there I figured why not … Continue reading

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Be good to yourself

There have been a boatload of words written about Robin Williams this week.  I have to say that I was only a casual fan of Williams’ work – he was frequently too frenetic and intense for me to really appreciate … Continue reading

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That was not fun while it lasted

The other night, I got it in my head that I was going to try to find a vinyl copy of Crowded House’s 1991 album Woodface.  It’s one of those albums, like so many 90s albums, that is not easy … Continue reading

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I ain’t afraid of no ghost

On Record Store Day this year, a combination of me forgetting about it in my single-minded quest for Dolly Parton’s “Blue Smoke” blue vinyl 7″ single and my local record store not getting any in stock, I completely missed out … Continue reading

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There is little more cringe-inducing than going back and reading old journals. I used to keep journals like crazy, but I found that I was at my most prolific when things in my life were at their worst.  The last … Continue reading

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