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Make your dreams come true

A friend of ours was recently in Milwaukee and posted this to his Facebook page. For people of a certain age (my age), that picture brings to mind only one thing – the madcap adventures of Laverne & Shirley. For … Continue reading

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Not that into it

As a kid, I don’t think I knew anyone who wasn’t into Star Wars – the movies, the toys, the glasses, the everything.  Maybe not so much the Gamorrean Guard soap (which my brother and I did get for Christmas … Continue reading

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American Horror Story: Murder House

(since I know there are some readers who haven’t seen this yet and want to watch it, I’ve tried to keep this entry spoiler free.) I managed to finish the last episode of American Horror Story: Murder House last night.  … Continue reading

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There ain’t no rules

For those not paying attention, I haven’t posted since the 20th and today is the 25th.  That’s four, count ’em, FOUR missed posts in post-a-day November. I’m okay with it.  Really, fuck it.  Despite what I may think, no one … Continue reading

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I don’t get it

After a few weeks of giving it a whirl, I have to say that I just don’t get Get Glue. Get Glue is yet another mobile app that allows you to “check-in”, but unlike Foursquare which checks you into physical … Continue reading

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