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Pumpkin panic

Predictably, I have been a complete fail at Halloween this year. It’s October 29 and I have not gotten the Halloween decorations out of the basement. Anna mentioned it last night and I have to admit that I hope she … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Dream

It’s rare that all everyone in our family eagerly anticipates the same movie.  Getting two of the three of us on board is easy, but for most movies, there’s always one holdout.  Not so with this summer’s upcoming release of … Continue reading

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Santa mythbusters

This year is, from everything I can tell, the last year that my daughter is going to believe in Santa Claus.  She’s actually kind of a standard deviation or two away from the norm, because I think most kids by … Continue reading

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Megan Is Missing

DISCLAIMER:  If you haven’t seen Megan Is Missing and are thinking about watching it, consider yourself warned that spoilers lie ahead. About a month ago, I got The Fourth Kind from Netflix (it was only ok – the best thing … Continue reading

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Have I lost the will to blog?

I really didn’t intend for a week to elapse between blog posts, but alas, it has. So much for being more deliberate about blogging. A couple things: 1) Last night was the daddy-daughter dance at Anna’s school. It’s the fourth … Continue reading

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Hormones and productivity

My wife arrived home tonight after a week at the Romantic Times Booklovers convention in Chicago.  She arrived home at a little after 6PM.  At 7:30PM, she was in bed and going to sleep, staying awake just long enough for … Continue reading

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Saturday plans

We’re in the homestretch as far as being just the two of us.  Today we’re headed down to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines.  There’s a traveling exhibit there called Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science that ends … Continue reading

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From the frontlines of single dad-hood…

I have to admit, this single parent thing kicked my ass today. It’s not that I’m one of those clueless fathers that the media foists on us at every turn.  I actually can cook and keep a schedule and get … Continue reading

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Last Easter Bunny

So here it is, Easter Eve 2012. Heidi’s downstairs hiding the last of the plastic eggs we filled this afternoon while Anna was out at the horse barn. We never looked for eggs when we were kids, mostly because we … Continue reading

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