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Diving in

My friend Jess shared a picture on Facebook last week – I can’t even remember what it was now – from the public page of the blog of Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing. I poked around the Facebook page a … Continue reading

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If the President can do it, why can’t we?

I ran across this article on Facebook the other day and almost shared it, but then decided, because I had more to say on it than just “THIS” I should wait and and do a small blog post on it.  … Continue reading

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Blazing trails

I don’t read Wil Wheaton’s blog, but a post he did yesterday was retweeted by a friend.  The post was called “depression lies” and in it, Wheaton admitted to his rather substantial blog audience that he has depression and anxiety.  … Continue reading

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Authenticity and Eurodance

Authenticity is kind of a big deal with me, both when it comes to me being who I am authentically and others being authentically themselves.  We’ve only got one life to live, and to spend it being something you’re not … Continue reading

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The last day of my thirties

FULL DISCLOSURE: I would never have thought to do this had Darren Hayes not done it first. The day before his 40th birthday, he wrote a letter to his 15 year-old self. I thought about doing the same, but honestly, … Continue reading

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Have I lost the will to blog?

I really didn’t intend for a week to elapse between blog posts, but alas, it has. So much for being more deliberate about blogging. A couple things: 1) Last night was the daddy-daughter dance at Anna’s school. It’s the fourth … Continue reading

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