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Phone experiment follow-up

Well, I’m pleased to report that day one of no smart phone at work was a smashing success. I managed to get through a whole day of not having access to social media and the other creature comforts I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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I find your lack of willpower disturbing

I’m thinking a lot about the post I did last night and my decision to not take a smart phone to work anymore. I’m wondering if maybe this isn’t too drastic. I mean, shouldn’t I have the willpower to not … Continue reading

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No phone at work

Yesterday was not really a great day for me. I confessed to Heidi that I feel like I am the worst pharmacist at work because it takes me forever to accomplish tasks and I am just generally distracted. I recognize … Continue reading

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Smash hit

With the thousands of apps in the App Store, you’d think it’d be easy to find a fun game that you can waste your time on. And if you’re me thinking that, you would be wrong. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Go home, Genius Playlist. You’re drunk.

I’ve been having a total Stevie Nicks renaissance and, believe it or not, it’s been powered by her 2011 album, In Your Dreams, which I was decidedly unimpressed with. I was doing dishes tonight and I decided to make a … Continue reading

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A decision made

Well, after polling the readers of this blog a couple weeks back about which iPhone case I should get, I chucked all the options out the window and went with this 11th hour decision. I think it suits me quite … Continue reading

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Project iPhone case

In the 14 months since I got my iPhone, I have had two cases.  They have both been on the pricey side and as of last week, they have both broken within 6 months.  I’m not sure why this is, … Continue reading

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