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Mix CD Redux: Sunday Morning Mix

When Heidi and I were first married, she always used to gently chastise me on Sunday mornings when I would listen to thumping remixes or Madonna’s Erotica album or something equally inappropriate for getting-ready-for-and-going-to-church Sunday morning. In response to that, one … Continue reading

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Weather report

How often is it that you can remember what the weather was doing even a couple weeks ago, let alone a year ago or 20 years ago?  Honestly, it’s probably easier in the Internet age than it’s ever been, but … Continue reading

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Shuffle love

I have really been in love with my recently rediscovered 1st generation iPod shuffle. It’s been a little bit unexpected as it was lost for several years, deep in a desk drawer that no one ever looked in. It could … Continue reading

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You’ll See / Madonna

Serving as the polar opposite to last night’s post, I’ve known since I started work on this month’s song list that Madonna’s 1995 single “You’ll See” would be today’s song.  Based on journals I kept at the time, I was … Continue reading

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White Palace

My taste in music is this strange amalgam of pop and country – primarily pop, but I just can’t resist a good country song. The cheesier the better! For a while in the 90s, when pop really seemed to be … Continue reading

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Amazing (and me by association)

Last night, I posted this picture to Facebook. That is my wife and her partner-in-crime, Marie Sexton, hanging out in the #1 spot on Amazon’s gay fiction list.  They are still at #1 this afternoon.  But what’s more amazing to … Continue reading

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Thises and thats

I feel like such a blogging failure.  I haven’t been able to motivate myself to write in paragraphs for 10 days now and despite my best efforts this morning, nothing is coming out of these fingers that merits being preserved … Continue reading

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