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Lighten up or toxic masculinity?

I saw this on Facebook this morning and my first reaction was a chuckle which was followed quickly by “wait a goddamn minute.” I get that graphics like these are meant to be funny, and a part of me does … Continue reading

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Mix CD Redux: Dan’s Prozac Mix

It’s no secret that I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for the better part of my life, and over the years, I’ve dealt with it in many different ways. One of the most successful ways I have done so is, … Continue reading

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Five? Make that EIGHT.

The last time I wrote about the concert lineup I had for 2015, I was at a record-breaking (for me) five shows in one year. For those just arriving, here’s a quick recap. 2/11/15 – Fleetwood Mac, Wells Fargo Arena, Des … Continue reading

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Oh industry…whatever will become of me?

I was thinking earlier today that while my musical taste is without a doubt extremely gay, the gayest part of my musical taste is my sincere and completely unironic appreciation for the soundtrack to the movie Beaches. I really couldn’t care … Continue reading

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Carolina in the morning

This tweet summed up my reaction to the news this morning that North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment banning not only same-sex marriage but any legal recognition of unions that are not marriage, regardless of your sexual orientation.  61% of … Continue reading

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Changing of the guard

Can’t remember how I came across this article in the New York Times yesterday about how Judy Garland’s days as an icon of the gay culture may be rapidly coming to a close but thought it was worth sharing. Judy … Continue reading

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