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Oh industry…whatever will become of me?

I was thinking earlier today that while my musical taste is without a doubt extremely gay, the gayest part of my musical taste is my sincere and completely unironic appreciation for the soundtrack to the movie Beaches. I really couldn’t care … Continue reading

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Smash hit

With the thousands of apps in the App Store, you’d think it’d be easy to find a fun game that you can waste your time on. And if you’re me thinking that, you would be wrong. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Depends on how you want to kill them

So I am probably terminally late to Xbox 360.  The whole reason we got one was because Heidi had a nice paycheck and she wanted to do something nice for Anna and me for putting up with her marathon writing … Continue reading

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Sweeping for mines

Everyone has their go-to game for when you want to turn your brain off a little bit.  For my wife, it’s solitaire.  For others, it’s something like Tetris or Bubble Galaxy.  For me, it was always Minesweeper. Back in my … Continue reading

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A decision made

Well, after polling the readers of this blog a couple weeks back about which iPhone case I should get, I chucked all the options out the window and went with this 11th hour decision. I think it suits me quite … Continue reading

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Popping bubbles

The latest rage in our house is the newest “with Buddies” iPhone game Bubble Galaxy with Buddies.  After downloading it last week sometime, Heidi has nearly beaten the game, stymied only by the fact that she can’t get 5 new … Continue reading

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