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Counting calories

So I’ve decided it’s time to start counting calories again. I’ve been struggling with my weight all year – I think a lot of that has to do with Abilify, which does have the side effect of weight gain – … Continue reading

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Retro grocery shopping

Last night, I headed out to the grocery store to pick up a handful of things we needed, the most important of which was egg replacer.  My mom and dad had brought us some green tomatoes from their garden and … Continue reading

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The end of summer means a lot of things around our house, but one thing that it always means is that it’s fried green tomato season.  I never had fried green tomatoes until I met my wife and this is … Continue reading

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0% eggs, 0% dairy, 100% tasty

Heidi and Anna were at the barn when I got home from work tonight and, thinking ahead, Heidi got out all the stuff for making dinner tonight.  This included step-by-step recipes for what we were making, not because I am … Continue reading

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Fun with Photoshop

I have to admit that I’ve never messed around with Photoshop much.  Mostly I’ve just been envious of people whose Photoshop skills vastly exceed mine, which would be pretty much everyone on the planet.  But tonight I spent a little … Continue reading

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Dumping dairy

So you may recall that last fall, I was given some pretty bad news when it came to my cholesterol.  Back in October when this information was handed down, my doctor recommended 6 months of “lifestyle modifications” and if they … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous crap

We’re on “Just Anna and me” day two of seven.  Anna said to me tonight “Dad, it doesn’t even really feel like Mom’s gone.”  I have to sort of agree with her because this time feels decidedly different than the … Continue reading

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Sugar as a toxin

Between watching Forks Over Knives a few days ago, which showed how eating a whole-food, plant based (read: vegan) diet can not only help reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses but reverse them as well, and this bit from … Continue reading

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