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Joshua / Dolly Parton

Beyond all the hair and boobs and makeup and glitter, Dolly Parton is, at her essence, a songwriter – and a prolific one at that. She’s written some of the most iconic country songs of all time, and if country … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Tall Man

Woke up this morning to find out that Angus Scrimm, best known for his role in the Phantasm movies as The Tall Man, mortician and digger-up of bodies to convert into his interdimensional slaves extraordinaire, had passed away at the … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Everywhere / Lynn Anderson

I am behind. Two posts behind to be precise. But this isn’t a “blog daily” thing it’s a “do 30 posts in 30 days” thing. So I still have time to catch up because it is still early. When Lynn … Continue reading

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Bathhouse Betty, aka The Divine Miss M

As I said before, I’m no Bette Midler stan by any stretch of the imagination, but tomorrow night I’m headed to Omaha with my friend Kyl to see Bette Midler’s Divine Intervention Tour.  I think that it’ll be a pretty awesome … Continue reading

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Candy says

The photo of Candy Darling on her death bed has always haunted me. I think the first time I ever saw it was when it served as the cover for Antony & The Johnson’s album I Am A Bird Now … Continue reading

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Delta Dawn

A Helen Reddy post must, by rights, accompany an Anne Murray post. It’s a law somewhere, I’m sure. I probably have a lot to say about “Delta Dawn” – a song that I listened to until my ears bled on … Continue reading

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I Just Fall In Love Again

I think I was probably the only person – male or female – on the Iowa State Campus in 1990 listening to Anne Murray’s Greatest Hits on my Walkman. But listen to it I did. A lot.  The 10 tracks … Continue reading

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Buy For Me The Rain

I’ll admit that today’s song got added to the list just a few minutes ago. I was perusing the Internet, mostly avoiding doing today’s post as I’ve worked all weekend, have two more days to go before a day off … Continue reading

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