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Barbarella psychadella

So I got a little bit of Christmas money and because I’m not going to go to many concerts this year (famous last words), I decided to buy a few albums that I’ve had my eye on for a while. … Continue reading

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Candy says

The photo of Candy Darling on her death bed has always haunted me. I think the first time I ever saw it was when it served as the cover for Antony & The Johnson’s album I Am A Bird Now … Continue reading

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Buy For Me The Rain

I’ll admit that today’s song got added to the list just a few minutes ago. I was perusing the Internet, mostly avoiding doing today’s post as I’ve worked all weekend, have two more days to go before a day off … Continue reading

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Not gonna need a special locker for the hat

Found this while dinking around on Tumblr tonight. I really love this photo, because, man, was Jane Fonda every sexy back in the day.  It’s so hard for me to reconcile sexpot Barbarella with newly divorced “all I’ve ever done … Continue reading

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