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Obligatory post-election post

I haven’t been able to write since the election. Honestly, it derailed most of my productivity. I was all set to blog the Madonna song “Celebration” on the day after the election – that’s how sure of a Democratic win I … Continue reading

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We are not our political yard signs

I was bringing Anna back from the horse barn last night and as we turned down our street, Anna said to me “Dad, I can’t wait for all this politics stuff to be over with!” I have to say that … Continue reading

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Worthless chatter just don’t matter

Today has been full of things that have just pissed me off.  The thing that really got me going today was the entire internet’s knee-jerk reaction to Qwikster/Netflix/whatever the hell it is now.  We live in such a world of … Continue reading

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The right thing to do

The last 24 hours has been a jumbled up mixed bag of emotions. We headed down to Des Moines last night in less than ideal weather to attend the Public Hearing on House Joint Resolution 6 at the State Capitol. … Continue reading

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