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St. Patrick’s Day musings

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, one and all!  Every March 17th, I’m reminded of how my friend Kelly said (back in 1988) that St. Patrick’s Day is a ready-made excuse to be happy.  I doubt she recalls it, but I still … Continue reading

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The man in the tree

Back in the mid 90s, when I was doing some graduate work along with getting my PharmD, I was a frequent visitor to the Art Bell web site.  I remember listening to Art Bell on his Coast To Coast radio … Continue reading

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Over the Borderline

Last week when I was in Chicago, I knew that at some point in the overscheduled time we were there, I’d have to make my way to my favorite record store in the world, Borderline Music.  It’s nestled deep in … Continue reading

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Portrait of the blogger as a young boy

I’ve been going through all these old photo albums that my mom has, slowly but surely scanning the pictures in so that they have a little more permanence. One of the albums that she has was from my grandmother’s house … Continue reading

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This stinks

If ever a picture begged to be either 1) captioned or 2) turned into a LiveJournal userpic, it’s this one. It’s kind of got a what-if-Streisand-had-done-the-Sex-book-instead-of-Madonna vibe about it. And if you don’t find that disturbing (or hilarious, depending on … Continue reading

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Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

It seems kind of silly to post it here, since there’s a full album of it over on Facebook. Anymore, posting stuff there reaches a wider audience, but I still can’t put near the amount of commentary there that I’d … Continue reading

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I got home from work today and saw this sitting on the counter. It totally made my day. (you might have to click on it to read the writing) I’ve figured out that there is a chair in front of … Continue reading

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