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Come On Come On at 25

Yesterday on Facebook, there was a discussion about Hurricane Andrew, which devastated Florida in 1992. Andrew crossed the Florida peninsula my first week back in college that year, but that year I was at a new school, making new friends, … Continue reading

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Phone experiment follow-up

Well, I’m pleased to report that day one of no smart phone at work was a smashing success. I managed to get through a whole day of not having access to social media and the other creature comforts I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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I find your lack of willpower disturbing

I’m thinking a lot about the post I did last night and my decision to not take a smart phone to work anymore. I’m wondering if maybe this isn’t too drastic. I mean, shouldn’t I have the willpower to not … Continue reading

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No phone at work

Yesterday was not really a great day for me. I confessed to Heidi that I feel like I am the worst pharmacist at work because it takes me forever to accomplish tasks and I am just generally distracted. I recognize … Continue reading

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A lonely introvert?

As an introvert, I REALLY enjoy my quiet time. I get irritated when people sit down with me at lunch, ignoring the fact that I have headphones in my ears. I truly enjoy walking to work as it gives me … Continue reading

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday in a funk of unknown origin. This seems to happen a lot on my days off work – more time with my thoughts usually leaves me more anxious than those days that I … Continue reading

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Pieces of this and that

Heidi’s out of town at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas City which leaves Anna and me at home alone.  I’ve had the last couple of days off of work which has been nice but I wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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