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Tamed & wild

Found out today that Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album coming out in May. This is good news, as long time readers and those that know me well know that Mary Chapin Carpenter had a profound and lasting effect … Continue reading

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Brushes with celebrity

I never meant to let almost 10 days elapse between posts – really, I didn’t.  But it happened.  I can’t guarantee that this week will be any different, but since I have a few minutes this morning, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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State of the introvert

I realized yesterday that the only Mary Chapin Carpenter album that I haven’t imported in its entirety into iTunes is 1989’s State of the Heart.  I had four songs imported – “Something of a Dreamer”, “Never Had It So Good”, … Continue reading

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Charlie Browniest

I can imagine back in 1965, when A Charlie Brown Christmas first premiered,  it was probably quite cutting edge to talk about feeling anything but joy during the Christmas season.  Now it’s practically cliche to do so.  It’s been a … Continue reading

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A place between up and down

I was taking Anna to school this morning and I put my iPod on shuffle for the drive there.  After doing my normal skipping of the first 3 songs that my iPod randomly chooses, I was pleased as punch when … Continue reading

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In the age of miracles

Admittedly, I’ve slept through most of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  This has been good and bad.  At work this morning around 5AM, the radio station did a minute by minute recap of that morning and it … Continue reading

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Seven songs from my summer (so far)

The one good thing about having a computer crash that requires you to completely reinstall everything is that, even though you lose your iTunes play counts *sob*, you find yourself in the unique position of totally shaking up the Top … Continue reading

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