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Carolina in the morning

This tweet summed up my reaction to the news this morning that North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment banning not only same-sex marriage but any legal recognition of unions that are not marriage, regardless of your sexual orientation.  61% of … Continue reading

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Worthless chatter just don’t matter

Today has been full of things that have just pissed me off.  The thing that really got me going today was the entire internet’s knee-jerk reaction to Qwikster/Netflix/whatever the hell it is now.  We live in such a world of … Continue reading

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The right thing to do

The last 24 hours has been a jumbled up mixed bag of emotions. We headed down to Des Moines last night in less than ideal weather to attend the Public Hearing on House Joint Resolution 6 at the State Capitol. … Continue reading

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This grinch won’t steal my Christmas

Tonight at supper I was perusing the news and I came across this link and the little bit of Christmas spirit I actually had evaporated. For those that don’t want to subject themselves to the article, resident arch-conservative and gay-hater … Continue reading

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There’s something about marriage

I got home from work last night just in time to watch the initial results trickle in from Maine. Although many issues were on the ballot last night, the one we were all watching was the referendum on marriage equality … Continue reading

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Yet another NOM parody

And this is perhaps my favorite one yet. Those who know me know that if a YouTube video is longer than 2 minutes, I’m not liable to watch it. I watched this one. It uses the original NOM ad, but … Continue reading

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Things have been quiet around here over the last few days – on the blog at least, but not in real life. There’s a really good reason for this – actually two, but they are related. We are working our … Continue reading

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