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Weather report

How often is it that you can remember what the weather was doing even a couple weeks ago, let alone a year ago or 20 years ago?  Honestly, it’s probably easier in the Internet age than it’s ever been, but … Continue reading

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31 days in

So I’m 31 days in to the year, and I’m already ahead of last year’s blogging. January of 2015 saw only 5 posts, but counting this post, January of 2016 will have 10 posts, just north of 25% of the … Continue reading

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You’ll See / Madonna

Serving as the polar opposite to last night’s post, I’ve known since I started work on this month’s song list that Madonna’s 1995 single “You’ll See” would be today’s song.  Based on journals I kept at the time, I was … Continue reading

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday in a funk of unknown origin. This seems to happen a lot on my days off work – more time with my thoughts usually leaves me more anxious than those days that I … Continue reading

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The house is not a home

My mother-in-law and her husband are looking to move back to the small Iowa town where they used to live. In scanning the real estate listings, they came upon a listing for the house we used to live in when we … Continue reading

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High hopes and alternate plans

When Heidi’s book, Fever Pitch, got nominated for a RITA earlier this year and she insisted that I was going to accompany her to New York for the ceremony, I realized that I was going to have to haul my … Continue reading

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I put my ring back on (and it may not come off)

If I ever wondered whether or not I have gained weight since my wedding day, the proof is in my fingers. Yeah, there’s no doubt that I’ve gotten a little soft around the middle (working on that) but really, even … Continue reading

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