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Weather report

How often is it that you can remember what the weather was doing even a couple weeks ago, let alone a year ago or 20 years ago?  Honestly, it’s probably easier in the Internet age than it’s ever been, but … Continue reading

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I put my ring back on (and it may not come off)

If I ever wondered whether or not I have gained weight since my wedding day, the proof is in my fingers. Yeah, there’s no doubt that I’ve gotten a little soft around the middle (working on that) but really, even … Continue reading

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Lessons in love and loneliness

My wife’s new book, Love Lessons, is out today. It doesn’t really matter that this is her 14th novel (counting the ones she has cowritten with Marie Sexton) – it’s always a bit of a thrill when something I know … Continue reading

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Amazing (and me by association)

Last night, I posted this picture to Facebook. That is my wife and her partner-in-crime, Marie Sexton, hanging out in the #1 spot on Amazon’s gay fiction list.  They are still at #1 this afternoon.  But what’s more amazing to … Continue reading

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Dumping dairy

So you may recall that last fall, I was given some pretty bad news when it came to my cholesterol.  Back in October when this information was handed down, my doctor recommended 6 months of “lifestyle modifications” and if they … Continue reading

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She bought this for me

Heidi showed up at my work on Friday with a “proposition.”  I was a bit concerned because she really doesn’t come see me at work unless she’s coming to eat with me.  Since it was 9AM, I was pretty sure … Continue reading

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Each day is Valentine’s Day

Dear Heidi, It’s Valentine’s Day once again. I know we’re not big Valentine’s Day celebrators.  I like that it’s not  because we are opposed to it on moral grounds or because we had too many years of not having someone … Continue reading

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