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Lessons in love and loneliness

My wife’s new book, Love Lessons, is out today. It doesn’t really matter that this is her 14th novel (counting the ones she has cowritten with Marie Sexton) – it’s always a bit of a thrill when something I know … Continue reading

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Mix CD Redux: The Singleton Mix

In an attempt to get myself to write a little bit more, I thought I’d take a look back through my CD “wallet” (they call it a wallet, I call it a suitcase) and revisit some of the mix CDs … Continue reading

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Pieces of me

My sleep Saturday night was filled with dreams.  Crazy dreams of conspiracies and angry people and medical conditions.  They were populated by a cast of characters culled from my real life, but thrown together in incongruous ways as dreams are … Continue reading

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Not enough hugs in the world

I read today that Darren Hayes was at Somerset House in London at 3PM this afternoon.  A week ago, he had said that he would appear in a public place in London at a designated time and hug anyone that … Continue reading

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Tina’s Christmas – The Vinyl Edition

This weekend marked the first of several Christmas celebrations in our family.  It was also one of the most eagerly anticipated.  Every year, on the weekend prior to Christmas, we get together with what we like to refer to as … Continue reading

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Trailer wreck

I went to see Contagion tonight at the dollar theater with my friend Matt – someone with whom I see a lot of cheap movies.  Tonight’s movie was so cheap that I paid literally with the change from my pocket.  … Continue reading

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Gridless – a companion post

My friend Brendan commented on my post about wanting to give Facebook and Twitter a much needed break, based on my reaction to the book Hamlet’s Blackberry.  He said he had “more than a comment’s worth of response” and would … Continue reading

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