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Too Much Information / Duran Duran

It may not have been the most popular song while I was in pharmacy school in the early to mid 90s, but Duran Duran’s “Too Much Information” certainly could have served as the theme song for those years. First off, … Continue reading

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Lessons in love and loneliness

My wife’s new book, Love Lessons, is out today. It doesn’t really matter that this is her 14th novel (counting the ones she has cowritten with Marie Sexton) – it’s always a bit of a thrill when something I know … Continue reading

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Sweeping for mines

Everyone has their go-to game for when you want to turn your brain off a little bit.  For my wife, it’s solitaire.  For others, it’s something like Tetris or Bubble Galaxy.  For me, it was always Minesweeper. Back in my … Continue reading

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State of the introvert

I realized yesterday that the only Mary Chapin Carpenter album that I haven’t imported in its entirety into iTunes is 1989’s State of the Heart.  I had four songs imported – “Something of a Dreamer”, “Never Had It So Good”, … Continue reading

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In Defense Of…”Baby Baby”

I don’t know what possessed me the other day but for some reason, I just had to listen to some songs from Amy Grant’s 1991 album Heart In Motion.  It was a pleasant enough album but, more importantly, it was … Continue reading

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Revisiting John Irving

I realized the other day that it’s been 20 years since I first read John Irving’s The World According to Garp.  With the possible exception of The Amityville Horror, I’d be willing to go on record with saying that The … Continue reading

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A place between up and down

I was taking Anna to school this morning and I put my iPod on shuffle for the drive there.  After doing my normal skipping of the first 3 songs that my iPod randomly chooses, I was pleased as punch when … Continue reading

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