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The power – of Cher and Amy

Rather inexplicably, I found myself listening to Amy Grant today. Specifically, it was her 1994 album House of Love, which I never liked as much as I did 1991’s Heart In Motion.  I suppose that it was probably appropriate, since … Continue reading

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Famous followers

I woke up this morning to this e-mail from Twitter. Those of you who know me know what a thrill this is for me.  Darren Hayes is my first “famous follower!” Well, I suppose he’s my second after my wife, … Continue reading

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Real Love vs. Real Love vs. Real Love

I made a mix CD once that was comprised of nothing but sets of songs with the same title by different artists.  They weren’t the same songs but were, rather, two songs that were completely different, by different artists that … Continue reading

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The last day of my thirties

FULL DISCLOSURE: I would never have thought to do this had Darren Hayes not done it first. The day before his 40th birthday, he wrote a letter to his 15 year-old self. I thought about doing the same, but honestly, … Continue reading

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Tina’s Christmas – The Vinyl Edition

This weekend marked the first of several Christmas celebrations in our family.  It was also one of the most eagerly anticipated.  Every year, on the weekend prior to Christmas, we get together with what we like to refer to as … Continue reading

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Baby, she’s burning

I always say that in the 70s, everybody had to record a disco song or three.  Dolly Parton was certainly no exception.  One of my favorite of the handful of “disco Dolly” songs is “Baby, I’m Burning.”  From Dolly’s 1978 … Continue reading

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The year’s winding down and out of my goal to read 50 books this year, I just finished my 47th.  This time around it was Chaz Bono’s Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man.  Chaz Bono, the son … Continue reading

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