Who am I?

Most of the people reading this already know who I am.  I’m Dan.  I’m a man, a father, a husband, and a pharmacist – although not always in that order.  I’m also an introvert and a thinker, but don’t confuse that with always being somber or moody (although at times I can be.)  I’m always looking for new experiences and information – I thrive on it.  I’ve been blogging since 2003 and although blogging IS so 2003, I still stubbornly stick to it.  I blogged for almost 8 years on Blogger, but finally made the jump to WordPress after a few years of hemming and hawing.  So far, despite the fact that I have to go back and reformat every single picture in every single post (and not all my videos survived the conversion), I’m pleased with the results.

I sometimes get political, although I try not to be offensive.  I love cheesy pop music and you’ll find that’s probably the subject of many many posts here.  I love how songs help soundtrack our lives and love hearing and telling stories of people’s lives with music as the background as well as the way in to the story.  I’m a product of the pop culture and, for better or for worse, I am what I am.  My life is not an open book, but I do tell stories here that I might not ever tell to someone in real life.  Being able to take the time to formulate my words takes the pressure off and makes it easier for me to tell the story.

I’m fascinated by men’s issues and masculinity and that which men have to offer each other.  I think we’ve done ourselves a huge disservice by closing ourselves off to each other in some vain attempt to self-protect.  The truth is, we’re never safe and we might as well have each other to help us out along the way.

I love to know that what I’m writing is being read but also will not beg for comments.  If you like what you see, let me know.  If you don’t and can tell me politely, feel free to do so.  If you can’t be constructive, don’t waste your time on me.

Here’s to more blogging.  I know that FB and Twitter are much easier, but you can’t get to the meat of an issue in 140 characters.

7 Responses to Who am I?

  1. davidrory says:

    Hi Dan, I’ve just stumbled in here and let me say I like to hear different beat. It will take time to get back through your blogs but I’ll start with a Walk In The Woods. I’ve always liked Bryson. I like his way with words and his accumulation of arcane facts. Some of which, as you say, are a bit disturbing.
    I really liked your ‘about this man’ intro. I’s refreshing to see ideas about what being a man is that go beyond the obvious and the clichés. If I may, I’ll now say a little about me. I write the same way you seem to. That is, my characters seek to present a different view of what masculinity means. And what femininity is too. This non-mainstream take resulted in many agents telling me my work would be too difficult to place. Not predictable enough in other words. I tend to tackle subjects that shines a light on places, events and people that illuminates those areas not often tackled in fiction. I have seven novels out so far and five more due out in the next few months. All are eBooks now. The freedom there is refreshing. I’m now engaged on the task of doing what my editor tells me. Social media. I tried Twitter and retired appalled and astonished by the mountain of meaningless drivel there. Facebook? Just no! So blogging it is then. I’ve only been exploring and blogging a short time but have discovered lots to interest me and far, too, much to read.
    I’ll be back for more reading of your back catalogue.
    I find that the presence of the large wet hole between us is less significant than one might imagine. (The Atlantic.) Do stop by and take a look at my novels. I suspect you might find a few that will resonate with you.
    Regards, davidrory.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’ll be sure to head over to your blog and take a look. I am on both Twitter and Facebook and they have their place, but I just don’t want to lose the “long form” writing that blogging allows me to do. You just can’t do it on either of those places.

  2. Katey Laurel says:

    Hi Dan! I’d like to send something to you…where can I reach you?

  3. Elliot says:

    Hi Dan, I have nominated you for the “Kreativ blogger award”. I wanted to get your blog mentioned in there. Participating is not compulsory but should you want to, the info is at http://brainsplats.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/further-adventures-in-blog-awards/

    Congrats and keep up the good posts.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks Elliot! I’ll be sure to reply to the questions, etc. here soon. Glad you are liking what you read! I, too, shall be adding a proper blogroll before too long and rest assured that you will have a well deserved spot on said blogroll.

      • Elliot says:

        Thanks Dan and you are welcome. I think the blogroll as in a proper one, not the half hearted effort I put there when I started the blog, has been a post I’ve been meaning to do but putting off for a while. Probably time to get up on that one.

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