Sunday night doubts

sundaySo the weekend is over once again. I managed to get some stuff done but it wasn’t as productive as the last few have been. I did get the motherlode of stuff we decided to give to Good Will actually delivered to Good Will today, and I cut down the tallest plants in the front yard so you can see the political signs in our yard again. Other than that, we’ve been watching a lot of My Hero Academia because we’re going to the movie of it on Wednesday night and no one but Heidi had actually watched the anime. It’s pretty good, but I have a hard time staying awake, which I think may be due to the fact that my CPAP might need to be turned up. But there’s no way to know that without doing another sleep study.

Probably my biggest accomplishment was finishing up the back cover of my year-end CD. I don’t know that it’s completely finished, but it’s definitely on its way to finished. It is definitely going to be a double CD and there will be 32 songs on it, five of which have yet to be determined. That gives me space for Marina and Madonna (at least) if they get their act together and get something new out this year. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get all the song titles and artists in the space allotted. I found a great template online that worked in Photoshop so that I had a definite guide for how to construct it vs. me just trying to create a document of the correct dimensions. So much of me doing things in Photoshop is me Googling “how to do ‘x’ in Photoshop” but hey, it works most of the time. I need to get to work on the cover but I’m waiting until I get a haircut, not that I’m sure it will matter much.

The thing that has me in a doubt spiral tonight is I put all this time and effort into it and I’m not even sure that people listen to them. I know that some do, but I imagine some just sit on a shelf gathering dust. On my most depressed days, I don’t even want to do it – one year, I almost didn’t – but then I know that it gives me a lot of joy putting it together and really, if people don’t listen, who gives a rip? I have them all saved as iTunes playlists – all the way back to my very first year-end list in 2006. Of course, there was no fanfare back then, no CDs, no altered album covers, but the TLC that goes into selecting the songs was still there.

I know it’s a silly thing to be worked up in this day and age, but it was getting to me tonight, especially with me dithering over song choices and single vs. double CD and what not, but it was on my mind. So I decided to blog about it instead of tweet or Facebook about it. Although the ironic thing is that a link to this post will likely go to both of those.

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