No Cher-ing for me


So Cher announced tour dates late this week and this is notable because I attended her Farewell Tour in 2002, as well as her Dressed To Kill Tour in 2014, both times anticipating that I would never see Cher live again. But like the phoenix from the flame, she’s back again, this time with the Here We Go Again Tour, a play on both “Mamma Mia,” which is included on her ABBA covers album Dancing Queen, and on her seemingly unstoppable nature.  When I saw that the tour was stopping in Omaha on May 14th, it was a no brainer, I was going. I texted a friend and he was on board instantly.

I’ve been really good this year and have gone to no concerts except for my daughters band concerts. I would have made it through the year with no concerts at all if Lisa Stansfield hadn’t decided to make a rare U.S. appearance (and even rarer Minneapolis appearance.) Honestly, I’m really excited for Lisa Stansfield because I have 7th row seats and I know that it’ll be mostly people my age so it won’t be full of young people wanting to stand the entire time. It may make me old, but I paid for my seat, I’d like to have my butt in it at least some of the time.

I went to look at my calendar to see which day of the week May 14th landed on, hoping it wasn’t a weekend that I worked, and that’s when I realized it. I wasn’t going to Cher. Heidi will be at Booklovers Con in New Orleans on May 14th, leaving me as a single parent that week. Now, I know that my daughter is 16, will be 17 then, but I just don’t feel comfortable leaving her alone on what will undoubtedly be a very late night. Truth be told, she probably doesn’t want me to be gone either. If it were Des Moines, I’d just buy her a ticket too and we’d be done with it. But I don’t want her to have to miss school to go see Cher which I’m not sure she even wants to do anyway.

I told my friend who was understanding, and we are just hoping that, given her history of extending tours (see Never Can Say Goodbye Tour), she will add some more dates and end up back in the Midwest. Time will tell, but for now, I’ll just have to deal with the fact that this concert will be a missed opportunity.

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