Alone With You / Revolution

I’ve kind of been wanting to blog about these songs for a while now, but never could really make a significant post about them. On my 50 song Loved Tracks playlist in iTunes, they are the only two Madonna songs right now. You’d think that someone who is as big of a fan as I am would have more, but no. These are it.

Rebel Heart was plagued with problems. The entire album leaked months prior to its actual release, and what was worse, demos of songs that didn’t make the album were also leaked. When the final product was officially released in March of 2015, most of the fans had already been listening to it for months and also had better ideas than Madonna about what songs should have been included on the album. It made the entire release a bit underwhelming, to say the least.

For what it’s worth, I would have included both of these songs – “Alone With You” and “Revolution” – on the album and jettisoned both “S-E-X” and probably “Inside Out” or even (sacrilege) “Bitch I’m Madonna.”  I think she could rerecord both of these and release them as a digital one-off single and even though it would probably not shake the sales chart much, it would placate fans and also pave the way for some kind of small tour without having to do a full proper album. “Revolution” would even be appropriate for how she is likely feeling about events in the U.S. right now, although she always talks about her revolution being a revolution of love, which makes me happier than it should.

But knowing that Madonna is not one to look backward, only ahead, this is unlikely to happen. And really, the fans will want new music and she does owe Interscope one more album. They probably want her to put it out, get her ass back on the road and then be done with her since she is, even by this Madonna fans admission, way past her prime. She will never sell like she did ever again, and as long as she insists on trying to keep up with the kids, she’ll continue to tarnish her rather impressive legacy. Both of these songs sound more “Madonna” than much of what was on Rebel Heart.

We all armchair quarterback Madonna, and we know she doesn’t give a shit. And we love her anyway – sometimes because of it, sometimes in spite of it.

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