Nanas envy

As most people don’t know, Bananarama is coming to North America with their original line-up. Actually, that’s not true. They are coming to the coasts + Toronto.


To say that I am disappointed is putting it mildly. But the emotion that is even more pronounced is jealousy – jealousy of those that are actually able to go. I mean, I am more than capable of getting on a plane and heading to one of these cities (although I think my passport is expired so going to Toronto would take slightly more doing.) But going to any of these places for the day of the concert and the one day afterward, even if it’s just traveling, is easily a $1000 trip between airfare, concert tickets, hotel, and food. So no, that’s not happening. And plus I’m sure all the tickets are sold out.

I said to a friend yesterday that had they done a Chicago show, I would have argued for going. But really, driving to Chicago in February is a dicey proposal because you just never know what the weather will do. So even if they had played Chicago, I STILL probably would have had to pass. The tragedies of living in a rural Midwestern state.

But I was thinking on the way to work this morning that it’s not like I have gone without. I have seen Madonna 7 times on 6 different tours. I saw 10 concerts in 2016. And of those, probably the most important one that I saw was Barbra Streisand. Barbra probably had a bigger effect on my college years than most men my age, but seeing her live was like paying tribute to that young man and giving him something that he always wanted but never thought he would have.

To be honest, I only consumed Bananarama for 2-3 years in the 80s and then for a couple more years in the early 00s – hardly a big influence on me.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had a chance to go, I would jump at it, but I think I just have to be happy for those that are going and realize that this time, much like the time Kylie Minogue came to Chicago on her first U.S. tour, is just not the time.

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