2017 short list


The stack of CDs I’ll probably have to burn this year.

The other night, I made a “short list” of sorts for my year-end CD, just to see how many songs we were at for the year. I had this feeling that there were already at least enough to fill most of the slots on the CD, and I was right. So far, I have 16 songs for a 20 song CD and the year is only about 75% over. Plus there are several high profile releases yet to come.

It may seem old school to still burn CDs and distribute them, when a Spotify playlist would suffice for most people. But if I did that, you wouldn’t get to see my Photoshopped covers, which are almost as good as the music on the CD.

I wouldn’t dream of revealing even one song here – you’re just going to have to wait until December to find out what my favorite songs of the year are. I have a feeling some heartbreaking cuts are in my future. I could just have it fill the entire 80 minutes of the CD, but there is something to be said for limiting it to 20 songs.  I didn’t always do it that way, but I have kept it to 20 songs for the last 5 years and I like it. It keeps me honest and keeps from including crap that really doesn’t belong on there. Now, in hindsight, there are songs I have left off of the CD over the past 5 years that I have kicked myself over. For example, how I left “Shot At The Night” by The Killers off of 2013’s CD is beyond my comprehension, especially when I added Little Boots’ “Motorway” at the 11th hour and I am, 4 years later, a little bit meh on that song.

So much better than the Little Boots track. But I refuse to change the playlist because it was what it was and you don’t mess with stuff like that.


OK, maybe I’ll give you a little hint of what MIGHT be on there because tonight I preordered the vinyl of Katy Perry’s Witness. I felt bad because someone gave me a digital copy of it so I technically didn’t really pay for it (although I have listened to it primarily on Spotify so Katy has been making 10 cents every time I listen to the album.) Previously it had been available as an import for something like $40 and while I like the album, I don’t like it that much.  It was $20 which is pretty standard these days and assuages my guilty conscience about not buying it, especially after it’s been a bona fide flop of an album. Plus if any album cover demanded to be seen in 12 glorious inches, it’s Witness.

There’s a high likelihood that “Swish Swish” will end up on the year-end CD. Not a guarantee by any means, but I have a hard time seeing it not making the list.

One final note: the jury is still out on the Taylor Swift song making the CD. Chances are, at this point, there will be something better that causes me to jettison it, even though I do kind of like it.

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