Do work and Facebook mix?

facebook-earnings_large.jpgYears ago, in the early days of public Facebook, I added just about everyone I knew, including people I worked with. It seemed innocuous enough because Facebook was pretty innocuous. But as Facebook has changed over the years, I’ve found myself wanting a little more separation between my work life and my home life, almost to the point where I want to unfriend all my co-workers. I do this not because they are bad people or because they would use my social media against me, but because I just am feeling vulnerable lately and the amount of exposure that Facebook seems to give is leaving me uncomfortable.

I already filter most of my co-workers out of my Facebook feed, but there are times that I am lazy and just let stuff go. Anything remotely political I filter them out of because I believe the politics has no place in the workplace.  If we want to talk politics, let’s go take the conversation over to HR.  But to unfriend them seems so final and so rude, and then there are some that have become actual friends and don’t want to unfriend them.

Only two or three of my coworkers (and former coworkers) have made the jump from my Facebook Work Filter to the general feed. One of my coworkers is a genuine honest-to-God friend so has never been on the filter.

I’m curious to know what other people’s experiences with work and Facebook. I wonder if I should just restrict them all to public posts, of which I do extremely few. It could also be that I’m overthinking this and being way to self-conscious about it. (Who, me?) Those of you that know my Facebook feed know that I am not controversial as a general rule but I just am feeling very exposed and that could have a lot to do with my state of mental health which has been delicately balanced on the head of a pin for most of the year.

What’s a guy to do? It’s a hard call.

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2 Responses to Do work and Facebook mix?

  1. BookGeekGrrl says:

    While I’ll accept friend requests from work people, unless they are an actual, true friend, they immediately go on a ‘restricted’ list, which prohibits them from seeing pretty much anything except public posts. And I never do public posts. I don’t really actively use FB much but I’m adamant about the separation of work people and actual friends.

  2. Dishy says:

    I personally think Facebook is evil.

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