Cover of love

Well, we’re back from the eclipse and while at first it seemed like it would be a bust, the rain stopped and the skies cleared just in time for the celestial show. It was everything I thought it would be and more – it was awesome in the true sense of the word. Seeing the moon completely blot out the sun except for the corona was an amazing moment. It was as dark as a summer evening, the temperature did drop and the streetlights all came on. For two and a half minutes, it seemed like politics and all the problems of the world didn’t really matter. Everyone around me was focused on something bigger than all of us.

It was over way too fast, but it was still worth the drive down.

Speaking of the drive down, I rode down with my mom and dad and we listened to their Sirius XM satellite radio. They were listening to 80s on 8 (probably for my benefit) and the old school MTV VJs were counting down the top 40 songs of 1989 and a song played that I had not heard in forever and had, quite honestly, forgotten about. It’s the OTHER Michael Damian song “Cover Of Love.” (The really famous Michael Damian song being the #1 hit “Rock On.”)

cover of love.jpgLike I said, I had completely forgotten about it, but as soon as I heard it, I wanted to see if it was available for purchase anywhere. To my great surprise, it isn’t streaming on Spotify, nor it the album, Where Do We Go From Here, on iTunes or Amazon. I’m kinda of the opinion that nothing should be out of print in this day and age, but apparently there is no kind of demand for Michael Damian’s 80s output. There’s lots of used copies of the CD on Amazon, eBay and Discogs, as well as the single, “Cover of Love” (mostly on Discogs, mostly in pretty rough shape but the prices weren’t too bad.)

Then I got to thinking, do I REALLY want a Michael Damian CD? Probably not. And while I never met a 45 with a picture sleeve I didn’t like, I didn’t think I really needed to go out and buy the single. So I did the next best thing, made an mp3 rip from the YouTube video which I kind of can’t believe exists (from Night Tracks, even.)

This will probably do even though ripping from YouTube never gives a great quality mp3. Because when it comes right down to it, I don’t need a Michael Damian CD, even if it is $1.25 + shipping. Some day I might buy the 45, but that day is not today.

But I sure am glad that I was reminded of the song because it’s kind of a jam.

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