Eclipse bound

solar-eclipse_1024.jpgI’m about to end 4 days of living in bachelor “paradise” (quotes because I really miss my family tons) and head to Kearney, Missouri for the once in a lifetime chance to see a total solar eclipse. I’m super excited, have the glasses, and can’t wait for the Earth to fall into the shadow of the moon. I’ve been a little bit anxious about the weather – silly, I know because it’s not like I can control the weather or anything – but according to the latest Weatherbug forecast for Kearney, tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and the chance of rain that has been in the forecast all week is now gone. It’s raining like cats and dogs this morning so hopefully the rain is early and will move out by the time the moon moves in front of the sun tomorrow around 1pm-ish. Really, that’s the only time that the clouds need to get out of town and let the show happen.

The weather forecast for home is 50% chance of rain, so I’m especially glad that I sprung for the hotel and am traveling the 3 hours for a shot to see a total eclipse because it sounds like it’s going to be cloudy and rainy here at eclipse time. Plus we’re not in the path of totality and with it so close, how could I not go?

Whatever the result, it should be fun and I’m super pumped to see Heidi and Anna again after they’ve been gone to Anime Fest in Dallas since last Wednesday.

In the meantime, here’s my favorite tweet about the eclipse.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 8.33.29 AM.png

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