This one’s for me

I’ve been on a bit of an 80s Aretha Franklin kick tonight. Am I the only person on the face of planet Earth that remembers this song?

Released in 1986, it seemed weird to me that Aretha Franklin was still having pop hits. She seemed to be someone of a different time, but really, she was only in her 40s at the time this song was released. How ageist was 14 year-old Dan?!?

R-2633355-1367587042-4396.jpgStill, I kinda liked this song in spite of myself. It didn’t fare too well on the charts, missing the top 20 and I’m kinda surprised they don’t have a 7″ edit which takes out the slow beginning, but whatever. A little searching at Discogs shows that the version on the single was the same length as the album version. They did see fit to give it an extended remix which clocks in at almost 8 minutes and is a bit beyond my comprehension.

80s Aretha is actually pretty capable in hindsight. I mean, there was the smash duet with George Michael (which I naively thought was a the only way that Aretha could get a hit in the 80s.) But there was also the very good “Freeway of Love” from 1985’s Who’s Zoomin’ Who that holds up much better than you might expect, thanks in large part to Clarence Clemons’ saxophone contribution.

I actually bought “Jimmy Lee” from iTunes tonight – how quaint! – and I’m thinking of ordering the 7″ but I like the UK artwork better than the US artwork and getting singles from the UK is always so bittersweet because you pay more for shipping than you do for the actual record. I may get crazy and actually download the extended version of “Jimmy Lee.” (ETA: It totally takes out the slow beginning so it’s being purchased immediately.)

PS – I’m back bitches. And who knew it’d be with a post about Aretha Franklin? Certainly not me.


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1 Response to This one’s for me

  1. John says:

    I LOVE this song. Aretha is a solid album, with “I Knew You Were Waiting” as well as “Rock a Lott.” I can do without “Jumping Jack Flash” even though it’s not that bad. I’m a fan of her 80s output, including “Who’s Zooming Who” and “Another Night” on the previous album.

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