Arcadia / Election Day

Electionday.jpgIs there a more appropriate song for today than “Election Day”?  The bad part is that I don’t have tons to say about it. It was not a major part of my pre-teen soundtrack as I was listening almost exclusively to Olivia Newton-John in 1984 (Madonna was just around the corner in 1985.)  I knew some Duran Duran songs, and remember seeing the video on MTV but the song itself never really registered.  Thankfully, Spotify had it and I listened to it for what might be the second or third time ever.

It’s a good enough song – probably not as good as some of the most so-so Duran Duran songs, but it’ll do. It helps that Simon Le Bon did the vocals because he really is pretty much the sound of Duran Duran. I’m sure at the time many people just mistook it for another Duran Duran song.

Today, as everyone knows, is Election Day in the U.S.  Today we pick a president and the people who represent us in Congress. The campaign has been exhausting, not just for the candidates (which I’m sure it has been), but for the nation as a whole. It’s been more divisive than any presidential campaign I’ve ever experienced. Many people feel we’re choosing between two evils. I don’t necessarily feel that way, but the Republican nominee for president is the most abjectly unqualified major party nominee in as long as I can remember. He’s a truly loathsome individual, who got a free pass from the media during the primaries when they were more concerned with ratings than the fact that we were actually picking a presidential nominee.  Hillary Clinton has her issues, but when you put them side by side, there’s no comparison.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret – I’m kind of a one-issue voter. Any candidate that will roll back or threaten LGBT rights will never ever get my vote. I don’t know that Donald Trump gives an actual shit about whether or not gay people can get married, but I can only listen to his rhetoric during the campaign and based on that alone, my vote did not go to him. Truth be told, it never was going to anyway.

It’s our civic duty to vote and Howard Dean once said that if voting is all you’re doing, you get a D.  My vote went to Hillary in spite of all her faults and foibles. The alternative is just too terrifying to contemplate.

I’ve had a lot of election anxiety, as my friend Matt can attest to, but today I am strangely calm. All that’s left to do is count the votes and see what happens. Que sera sera I guess. As my father says, we are but a feather in the wind of all this. And as I say, all I have is my one vote, and I proudly cast it.

Here’s hoping that tonight, America rejects fear and discrimination, even though I have a sinking feeling that Iowa will not.

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One Response to Arcadia / Election Day

  1. John says:

    So Red the Rose is an awesome album, and I love this song. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook this morning, and in the recommended links was the video for The Winner Takes It All. Sounds appropriate.

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