Crowded House / Something So Strong

sss.jpgIt seems the latest trend in music these days is repackaging old albums into “deluxe” editions to trick people like me, who have already purchased them at least once, into buying them yet again. I mentioned last night that Stevie Nicks had done that with her first two albums. One of my sister’s favorite bands, Crowded House, has gone a step further and reissued all their albums in deluxe versions with additional tracks as well as repressing them all on vinyl as well. I wonder if there’s anything new on there to my sister who, during the height of the Napster days, managed to accumulate a nearly definitive Crowded House collection of rarities and demos.

“Something So Strong” was the follow-up to Crowded House’s best-known hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Truth be told, I like it more than I do “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, mostly because it’s so much more fun.  I mean, just look at Neil Finn in this video for the song. I don’t think he ever stops smiling.

Sadly, “Something So Strong” didn’t perform to quite the level that “Don’t Dream It’s Over” did. It came close thought – topping out at #7, but it doesn’t have nearly the staying power that “Don’t Dream It’s Over” has.

Although if I were to pick one to do at karaoke, it’d be “Something So Strong” in a heartbeat.

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