Stevie Nicks / Think About It

Bella_Donna_(album).jpgOn Friday, deluxe remasters of Stevie Nicks’ first two albums, Bella Donna and The Wild Heart were released. I have made my way through the first two discs of Bella Donna, but have yet to wade into The Wild Heart. Bella Donna is one of the defining albums of my high school years, and I wrote about the title track almost two years ago to the day in this post. But tonight, I want to talk about a different track on that album – one that contains some of the oldest advice that young Dan has to offer old Dan (or maybe vice versa, sometimes it gets hard to differentiate.)

“Think About It” was written by Stevie for fellow Fleetwood Mac member Christine McVie during her divorce from John McVie. I don’t pretend to know what it’s all about specifically, but it definitely alludes heavily to the break-up of a romantic relationship. Especially the lines “anytime you think about leaving, think about what you know/Think about it/Think about it before you go.” It’s one of those things that is kind of pot and kettle because Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham were breaking up, although I think Christine was the “breaker” in her relationship with John, whereas Stevie was the “breakee” in her relationship with Lindsey so I suppose Stevie could be speaking from a space of “hey, this relationship may not be perfect, but you know it so think about it.”

It’s not like 15 year-old Dan was in anything that even remotely resembled a romantic relationship, but I do remember relating to this song so much. Throughout most of my teens and early 20s (as I have talked about freely and frequently), I dealt with undiagnosed depression and anxiety, and I found refuge in music generally – and in Stevie’s music specifically. Inside “Think About It” was the sage advice that I still find myself repeating to myself nearly 30 years later.

Even when you feel like your life is fading
I know that you’ll go on forever, you’re that good
Heartbreak of the moment is not endless
Your fortune is your life’s love

Heartbreak of the moment is not endless. Feelings aren’t facts. It’s just a feeling. All the mantras I use to defuse anxiety and depression and live a fuller, happier life. I still don’t quite know what she means by “your fortune is your life’s love” but whatever. It didn’t matter then and it certainly doesn’t matter now. Part of being a Stevie fan is dealing with her wtf lyrics.

A couple of different versions of “Think About It” are floating around out there – one from one of the expanded editions of Rumours which I almost like better because it’s a little bit jauntier and fun. A second appears on the deluxe version of Bella Donna which was just released but is mostly identical to the album version only with lazier vocals.

“Think About It” may not be one of Stevie’s better known tracks, but it’s an essential one for me.

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