An unintentional break

I never meant to take 3 months off. I was doing so well – I had renewed fervor for blogging, had ideas for things I wanted to write about, and then life happened.

The last post I did was the day before we got our taxes done, and the funny part is that we didn’t even actually get them done that day.  We showed up an hour past our scheduled appointment time because we had written down the wrong time. Amazingly, they had an appointment time the next day so we got in then.  It took us about three weeks to find out that between state and federal, we owed $14,000.

So to say that the last three months have been without incident would be lying.  2016 has been a pretty rough road so far, but I refuse to surrender. When I’m tempted to list off the litany of things that have happened this year, I think to myself “well, that’s just living.” It doesn’t always help, but it’s something at least.

But as you might imagine, it hasn’t been all bad. I went back to therapy after stopping abruptly in December. I have dropped 18 pounds since the first of the year. And even at my advanced age, I’ve made a couple new friends – Lord knows I can always use more of those. So the bad is balanced by the good.

You’re not going to have to wait three months for the next post – that is, if there’s still anyone reading, but more importantly, I won’t have to wait three months before I write something again. I found that writing in the early months of the year was pretty therapeutic and was helping me keep my anxiety at bay. I’m hoping that I can do that again. The temptation to start a brand new blog is very high, but I imagine I’ll just keep trucking along on this one. It’s served me well for so many years.

Here’s to more writing. And a lot more follow-through.

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