Weather report

How often is it that you can remember what the weather was doing even a couple weeks ago, let alone a year ago or 20 years ago?  Honestly, it’s probably easier in the Internet age than it’s ever been, but I still think the weather is generally not something that most people will give a second thought once they’re through it.  There are exceptions to the rule, of course – most New Orleans residents will remember the weather in late August of 2005 and I think that most New Yorkers will remember the weekend of January 23rd/24th for quite a few years to come. But 99% of the time, I don’t remember those kinds of things. Too many song lyrics taking up valuable brain space, I guess.

So when I read this in the newsletter at work, I could only shake my head, because I remembered this very vividly, even 20 years later.


Reading that, it sounds like a cold spell to remember, regardless, right?  But there’s another reason I remember this frigid cold so well.

January of 1996 was when Heidi and I truly began dating, however tentatively. This stretch of cold weather occurred right around the time she was introduced by a friend at my brother’s 21st birthday party as “Dan’s girlfriend.”  I still remember how we kind of looked at each other as if we were stunned by the revelation.  I also didn’t have a car then, and so Heidi drove on all of our dates. She had a yellow Buick that we affectionately referred to as “the banana” and let me tell you, I remember so well how often we sat in that car after a movie or a dinner out and shivered from head to toe because it was so cold.

When I saw that little blurb this week, I had to smile a little bit.  I’m rapidly approaching the point in my life at which I will have been with Heidi longer than I have not been with her (for those wondering, it’ll be 2018 when I turn 46.)  We were out to dinner tonight and saw an elderly couple come in to the restaurant and I said to her “that’ll be us some day, if we’re lucky.” And her response was that at this point in our lives, being old is real enough that we are very nice to old people, hoping that 40somethings will be nice to us when we’re in our 70s.

These are the kinds of details make a life, and I’m sure glad I can still remember them.

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