It’s a miracle

My friend Jess’ birthday is coming up soon which means there will inevitably be karaoke, probably at AJs in Des Moines. I’ve written lots of posts about karaoke and how I really took to it despite the fact that it flies in the face of my introverted nature. For me, you just have to push past the hesitation and put yourself out there. There’s a crazy freedom in that, even if there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll suck beyond belief.

So I’ve been thinking about trying a new song the next time I go to karaoke. I’ve tried something new each time I’ve gone out, sometimes being amazing, sometimes not. It’s a crap shoot, really. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, singing songs you’ve sung a million times with the original artist is harder than you would expect when the artist is no longer singing with you. It’s why it pays to practice a little bit – the car is the best place for that, especially if you’re self conscious. The last time around, I tried “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” and I really nailed it but that was thanks in large part to singing along to the song in the car and singing it like I would at karaoke. Doing that resulted in knowing exactly where I needed to sing from.

This time around, I’m itching to try some Barry Manilow. Specifically, “It’s A Miracle.”

(When I watched this, there was a Ted Cruz ad before the video which I found extremely strange coupled with a Barry Manilow video.)

bmiam45.jpeg“It’s A Miracle” is probably my favorite Barry Manilow song.  But I think it might be deceptively harder to sing than it appears to be. I suppose I could go with something like “Mandy” (Angel’s go-to karaoke song) or even “Can’t Smile Without You” but I loved “It’s A Miracle” so much as a kid that I would search for it on the 8-track of Barry Manilow II that my mom had, and anyone who has ever searched for a song on an 8-track knows just how difficult that can be. It’s really a song that you can’t help but smile, even if you’re singing it and you suck.

So we’ll see. It might very well be a miracle if I can pull that song off, and who knows, I may just fall back on “Escape” or “Mama Tried” which I know I can do. But that really does take the fun out of it.

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