CD delays, unexpected progress

CLRSJWCASE-2.jpgSo yesterday I went out to get two things: a pack of mailers and some slim-line CD cases. I went to Staples because, as Heidi pointed out, they should have both. They did have mailers, but the only slim-line CD cases they had were in a pack of 240,912 and cost nearly that many dollars. I’m only sending out just north of a dozen year-end CDs this year, so I really don’t need that many.  Went to Wal-Mart, also a bust. Target told the same story.  I ended up ordering them from Amazon, which is what I think I did the last time I needed them.  They’ll be here Tuesday, so that’s the soonest the year-end CDs will be going out. I really REALLY wanted to be done with them this week, but I guess I do have Wednesday off so perhaps I’ll get them all knocked out then.

It got me to thinking – how much longer will it be before my year-end CD thing will be totally antiquated? In many ways, it already is because I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought a physical CD.  I made a Spotify playlist of my 20 favorite songs of 2015, but two songs weren’t on Spotify so it feels incomplete to me.  Plus I always love making my altered album covers so I can’t imagine that I’ll ever stop doing it, because – let’s face it – you can’t put this cover (inspired by Annie Lennox’s Diva) on a Spotify playlist.

2015 best of CD.jpg

Sorry for the nightmare fuel

But here’s the funny part. Even as I ponder the future of the CD itself, next year’s list is already in my brain.  There’s a song I heard yesterday that if it doesn’t make it on the CD at this time next year, it will be miraculous.  2016 clearly not wasting any time.  The song in question is Ra Ra Riot’s “Absolutely.”  I really liked Ra Ra Riot’s 2010 album The Orchard, but I can’t really call myself a fan. Mostly what drew me in to the album was its amazing cover. I really want to get the vinyl, if for no other reason than the album art.


But I like them enough so when I saw they had a new release on Spotify, I gave it a listen.  Well, it’s right up my alley and pretty amazing.  So when it is on my 20 best songs of 2016 list, you heard it here first. On January 3rd.

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