Welcoming 2016

WordPress sent me an e-mail last week to sum up the year in blogging for me. It was, by all accounts, pretty pathetic.  I had 39 blog posts in 2015 – barely three posts a month. That is a far cry from the glory days of blogging, specifically 2008 when I had 275 posts.  I can barely fathom writing that much now, although I’d really like to.

So here and now, I vow I will write 40 posts this year. Isn’t the new year about bettering yourself?

2016 has started off pretty low-key. I had a long weekend and we’ve been parked in front of the TV for a lot of it. We got a metric crap ton of Blu-ray DVDs for Christmas and we’re working our way through those.  We also went to Best Buy yesterday and got 50 feet of coaxial cable and ran it all the way from Heidi’s main floor office to our basement TV room for the sole purpose of getting reception for PBS so Heidi could watch Sherlock last night. I have to admit, even though I don’t ever watch network TV (except on Hulu Plus), it’s nice to have the main channels back again without having to spring for cable.

Today I’m going to burn a bunch of copies of my year-end CD and hopefully get them sent out.  Many of you loyal readers are receiving one, but I’m sending out fewer than I have in year’s past.

Another of my goals for 2016 is to read more. It’s an eternal goal – there’s always so much else to take up my time, but I’m going to give it my best shot.  I’d like to read 3 books this month, and I’m already 30% of the way through my first book of the year – Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies. It might seem weird that someone like me is reading a book about conversion to Christianity, but I’ve always wanted there to be more than this. I don’t think I’ll be running to church any time soon, but there is something comforting in the rough and tumble way Lamott found her way to her faith.

My friend Matt also gave me a bunch of Kindle books for Christmas – it’s kind of our tradition. We pick out books we’ve read that we think the other might like. Usually we’re pretty on point. This year is no exception except we each gave one book to the other that we’d either already read or purchased. For him, he’d already read A Prayer For Owen Meany and for me, I already had The Paying Guests in my TBR pile. I traded it in for the new Stephen King collection.  No idea what he did with the Amazon credit he got.

And finally, today’s kind of the last flop day. Tomorrow, we start getting back to reality. Kids go back to school, I have a normal work week. Our goal for this week is to do some meal planning and try to figure out what exactly is going on each day after work. When are we getting to the horse barn? Who has to get what done each day? We need a little structure in our life but man, my work schedule makes that really hard to come by.

So there you have it folks, post #1 of 2016.  Only 39 more to go!


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