Betcha Say That / Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

betcha“Betcha Say That” is one of Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s lesser known singles. Released as the second single off their Let It Loose album, it peaked just inside the top 40 at #36, and was considered a flop after the top 10 hit that was “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.”

The fact that it’s not really remembered is one of the things I love most about it. It didn’t get overplayed like a lot of Gloria’s songs did, especially the singles that followed it – the ballads “Can’t Stay Away From You” and “Anything For You.” That said, they did age better than I expected them to.  And also, they brought the album back from the dead, something that would never happen now.

I remember that I had purchased Miami Sound Machine’s previous album, Primitive Love, after having satisfied the “three song rule” but being more or less disappointed in it. I think it’s aged better than it deserved to, but my experience with that album kind of soured me on their albums in general. It wasn’t until Let It Loose had been out for nearly a year that I finally bought it and even then, it’s the singles that stand out. Most of the album tracks, most notably the title track, were forgettable, although as I’ve been listening to the album while composing this post, I forgot just how good “Give It Up” was.

Clearly, by putting Gloria’s name in front of “Miami Sound Machine” the record company was prepping her for solo stardom. I recall thinking that was so egotistical of Gloria, but in interviews around that time, she claimed that she really didn’t want that to happen. Of course, by the time their next album came out in 1989, the “Miami Sound Machine” part had been dropped completely and in 1991, Gloria was firmly established as a solo artist.

I don’t listen to “Betcha Say That” very much, but it’s always a pleasant bit of nostalgia when I do.

For the record, I realize that I’m pretty far behind on my blogging.  After tonight,  I’ll have written 8 posts in 12 days, which means I need to do double duty for 4 days to catch up. This is the farthest behind I have ever been since I started doing the blogging songs in November thing. But as my wife just reminded me…


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