Forget about it

marinaandthediamonds-feb15-3I’m going to do my annual “end of summer” post with between 7 and 10 random songs that defined the summer. Here is 2014’s list and, for the nuts of it, 2012’s.  Apparently I had better things to do in 2013. But before I get to that, I’d like to mention what was probably my song of the summer – “Forget” by Marina & The Diamonds.

I was so nervous about Marina’s album in the run-up to its release.  I had liked the title track enough, but then all the subsequent songs released ahead of the album were, frankly, a bit on the boring side.  And then “Forget” dropped, and my faith was restored.

“Forget” pretty much embodies everything I love about Marina’s music. Smart lyrics, a punchy beat, and a killer melody. It is easily my favorite track off of FROOT.  It utilizes Marina’s both the sultry lower register of her alto and her upper register as well. She may not have the range of a young Mariah Carey, but I love that she is smart about how she shows off her vocal range.

Lyrically, “Forget” is in the top 5 Marina songs. I am pretty sure that my absolute favorite part of “Forget” is how she manages to work the work “tortoise” into a pop song. That she adorably pronounces it “tor-toyse” is just icing on the cake.  I also double dog dare anyone to find a song with the word “abacus” in it.  Anyone finding one with both “tortoise” and “abacus” is clearly writing their own song.

For those wondering, “Forget” is all but guaranteed a berth on my year-end CD. Even if I grow weary of it, denying it a spot seems grossly unfair when it has been so prominent in my listening all summer.  We’re going to see her live in Minneapolis on October 30th – my second time seeing her live (as well as Anna’s.)

And yeah, I think I’ve already chosen the cover of the year-end CD – but wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me!

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