My “duh” moment of the day

I was surfing Tumblr or something tonight and I came across this great picture of Herb Ritts and Madonna.tumblr_nt3ls6RwX61qls92lo1_1280

I saw it and remembered that he had died of AIDS, but couldn’t remember when. I knew he did a lot of work with Madonna, famously photographing her True Blue album cover, directing the video for “Cherish” and doing all the photos for The Immaculate Collection.  So over to Wikipedia I went.

It was there that I learned that these two album covers, which I always thought were so similar, were both shot by Ritts.

I really can’t believe that it took me until now to realize this.  Seriously. Someone revoke my fan card.

No wonder Olivia served as a gateway drug to Madonna fandom to so many Madonna fans.  Also, no wonder why I won’t be recreating the Physical album cover on one of my year-end CDs.  I’ve already done it!

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2 Responses to My “duh” moment of the day

  1. ifmattcalls says:

    just so you know I’ve been reading your blog for years- and will continue to do so..

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