There and back again. Also revamping

Today we got up at 4AM to drive to Mayo Clinic for the next in what is a series of appointments for Heidi as we attempt to have her not end up with a disease named after her. I took FMLA from work to take her up and it was a good thing I did as after 5 days with no antihistamines (she was seeing an allergist), she was not in great shape.  She also didn’t sleep at all the night before. Of the three of us, I was definitely the more conscious and capable of making the drive.  Anna, as usual, just played her DS and put her headphones in and ignored us.

And to save money, we decided to drive back home afterward even though there are two more appointments tomorrow. Fortunately, we don’t have to be up at 4AM as the first appointment isn’t until 10:45AM. At least we’ll be able to hit Starbucks before we leave town.

In the end, they didn’t even do any scratch tests so the 5 day holiday from antihistamines was for nothing.

In other news, I’ve been toying around with what to do with this blog. Retire it and start anew? Retire from blogging altogether? Keep this one going as it is? I was really struggling with it but in the end, I decided that I really do enjoy writing too much to completely abandon it. So what I’m going to do is retitle this blog, recommit to writing fresh content on at least a twice weekly basis and realize that not everything that I write has to be brilliant.

My friend Geoff Symon has provided me with a great new title for the blog and it fits my previous posts perfectly as well as the direction I want to go in the future.

So here’s to the future, whether anyone reads or not!

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One Response to There and back again. Also revamping

  1. John says:

    Love the new title. VERY appropriate.

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