Mix CD Redux: Diana Krall – Rarities, Live Performances, etc.

Back in the day, I used to be really into Diana Krall. Now, she’s an artist that is mostly uninteresting to me. She’s a hell of a piano player, but so much of her recent work has been so sedate and, frankly, boring. But around the year 2000, when I first discovered her and her When I Look In Your Eyes album, I couldn’t get enough of her.

It just so happens that I discovered her music at the time of the Napster revolution, which meant that no longer did I have to buy a bunch of compilation albums to get the one Diana Krall track. It also gave me access to a ton of live performances that were otherwise hard to get or completely unobtainable.  This led me to create, probably 2002-ish, the mix CD very cleverly titled Diana Krall – Rarities, Live Performances, etc.  For some reason, I’ve been thinking of this mix CD, and I thought, what the hell, let’s write about it.

img016A few thoughts:

  • Most of the songs on here did not come from Napster, but rather, from Audiogalaxy, the heir apparent to Napster after the Feds shuttered it.  I arguably got more from Audiogalaxy than I did Napster because the whole time I downloaded off of Napster, I was on dial-up, whereas with Audiogalaxy, we had broadband.
  • Diana clearly knew it was hip to sing with Tony Bennett way before Lady Gaga did.
  • I noticed that a lot of these songs aren’t really rarities – some of them are just album tracks. Songs like “Besame Mucho” and “Cry Me A River” were from her 2001 album The Look Of Love (which bored me to tears) and I’m not sure if the version of “I Love Being Here With You” is from the album or if it’s a live version.  Regardless, when I recreated the playlist, I put the version from Live In Paris on there.
  • The live version of “Frim Fram Sauce” has so much more kick than the album version. No idea who did “Frim Fram Sauce” first, but it’ll always be a Diana Krall song to me.  Her piano playing is just breathtaking. I can play piano, but she can PLAY piano.
  • When you’re a singer like Krall whose stock and trade is in singing standards, pretty much every song you do is a cover. “The Nearness Of You” was introduced to me by Barbra Streisand, which was probably why I downloaded Krall’s version. Sadly, “The Nearness Of You” will always be a Streisand song to me.
  • Speaking of covers, the live version of “A Case Of You” comes from an appearance on Craig Kilborn.  Everybody and their dog has covered “A Case Of You” but hers is one of my favorites.
  • There have been so many other songs that of hers that have come out in the last 10 or so years since I made this CD that I could easily add to it.  When I was assembling it in iTunes, I had to resist putting others on there.
  • Finally, “Charmed Life” is my favorite song on here.  Even though in this video of the song, Diana looks like she is perpetually irritated.
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