The power – of Cher and Amy

House_of_Love_album_coverartRather inexplicably, I found myself listening to Amy Grant today. Specifically, it was her 1994 album House of Love, which I never liked as much as I did 1991’s Heart In Motion.  I suppose that it was probably appropriate, since it was Easter Sunday, that I be listening to Amy Grant, even it was one of her secular albums.

Believe_(Cher_album_-_cover_art)Anyway, I had completely forgotten about the song “The Power” which Cher went on to cover on her Believe album in 1998. So strong is my Cher association, that I had actually started believing that she did it first and that Amy Grant covered it. The arrangements are not all that different – both versions are pretty straightforward pop songs, even though Cher’s has a bit more of a dance beat to it, likely to make it fit in with the songs that surrounded it on her album.

I was sitting there thinking about “The Power” and trying to decide who did it better – Cher or Amy? My default answer would probably be Cher – mostly because she’s mother-fucking Cher – but I don’t think you can discount Amy Grant’s version either.

Here they both are for comparison’s sake.

As you can see, not terribly dissimilar.

So who did it better?  I still give the edge to Cher, but again, mostly because she’s CHER.

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2 Responses to The power – of Cher and Amy

  1. Tim Rogers says:

    Amy’s version, definitely.

  2. Michael says:

    Amy’s version is better!

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