So long, 2014…

2015It’s New Year’s Eve. Honestly, I just don’t get that excited about it any longer. There was a time when we would have big parties and invite all our friends, but somewhere in my late 30s, that stopped.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that we found ourselves exhausted from negotiating Christmas and by the time NYE got here, we just wanted to go to our respective corners of the house and not speak to anyone. I’m a little like that this year. My first extended break from work in a while coincided with Christmas and while it was great to see everyone, it was not conducive to recharging my batteries. So I did all my relaxing on the Sunday after Christmas.

2014 wasn’t a bad year. It had its own sets of challenges, but honestly, what year doesn’t? I’m not really one to resolve to do something in the new year because as a friend of mine once said, “Who starts something new in January? Talk about a prescription for failure!” I was saying at Christmas that I want to weight 200 pounds by next Christmas – something that will require me to lose about 35 pounds over the course of the next 12 months, but I think that is too specific, something that leaves me destined for disappointment as I sit at this time, writing in the blog about the events of 2015. But then I read an article online that said if you make vague goals for the new year, that’s equally self-defeating, so perhaps, as Joshua says in WarGames, the only winning move is not to play.

One thing that we are going to really work to make sure happens is making 2015 the year where there are no ER visits.  There were a total of three, two in March and one in October. All three of them were Heidi and they all turned out ok, but frankly, we’ve had enough of that place. Hopefully with Heidi’s surgery successfully behind her, we will have no more need for that nonsense.

Some other NYE thoughts: (if I may borrow my friend Brendan’s blogging style)

  • For those of you expecting CDs, I’m going to take some time tomorrow to try to get them all put together.  Hopefully by early next week, I will have the lion’s share mailed out.
  • The last year was my lightest year of blogging since 2003, and that kind of gets a pass since I started blogging on 9/24/2003. I still like it. I don’t do it very much anymore, but I want to. I always feel a bit like no one’s reading even though I know people are. I also know that the goal is not to care whether people are reading or not.  I have to admit that I’m more likely to create new posts when I get feedback from people, and frankly, that’s why I started sharing the posts on Facebook and Twitter. I may also go and start an anonymous blog somewhere. Who knows what I’ll get up to?!
  • Speaking of Facebook, my goal is to use that less this year. For some reason, it’s really wearing on me. I may ramp up my presence on Twitter. Or I might not. I just don’t know.
  • I read something tonight that made me think. I stumbled across this blog called Dadcation – I think via a retweet of something witty. Anyway, in his – if you will – blogging manifesto, he states that a friend of his, just a few years older than him, fell over dead from a heart attack – no warning, no nothing. He left behind kids and a fiancee and parents and friends. This made him think that he wants to leave behind more, and blogging leaves behind his words. This really got me tonight for some reason. If I were to stop being alive tomorrow, Anna would have 11 years worth of stuff to read. What a amazing gift. Of course, she’s 13 so she would have to pretend to not care, but I know she would.
  • I’m listening to Stevie Nicks’ The Wild Heart and goddamn it, it’s a great record. Even the album tracks are top notch. Except for maybe “I Will Run To You.” She and Tom Petty couldn’t capture that magic twice.

I’m optimistic about next year, but in the end, tonight is just Wednesday night. And tomorrow is just my normal day off before my weekend to work. But at least I didn’t have to use vacation time.

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