You Could Have Been With Me / Sheena Easton

youcoEveryone’s going on about the cleaning dancing roommate who cleans the floors to Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train (9 to 5)” so why not do a Sheena Easton song today? Only I won’t do “Morning Train” because that’s way too obvious of a choice. And besides, my friend Randy has already picked on for me.

I will admit that I would probably never thought to write about “You Could Have Been With Me.”  If I’m gonna pick an obscure Sheena Easton song, it’s almost surely going to be “Machinery” or something from The Lover In Me. But I did ask and I enjoy “You Could Have Been With Me” enough to write at least a little bit about it.  First of all, it was a Sheena Easton song that I did not know until I purchased a Sheena Easton hits package on CD in 1989. It’s kind of funny that I knew most of the fast songs, but only a handful of the slow ones, which “You Could Have Been With Me” is. It didn’t immediately stick with me – I was way too excited to finally have songs like “Telefone” and “Strut” on CD to be bothered with ballads I hadn’t heard.

Eventually, I warmed up to “You Could Have Been With Me” and also “I Wouldn’t Beg For Water” which are songs that are kind of cut from the same cloth. The song was not a big hit for Sheena – “You Could Have Been With Me” could only climb to #15 on the Billboard charts and was the biggest hit off the album.  After the success of her debut, including the #1 hit “Morning Train” and Top 20 hit “Modern Girl”, this could only be viewed as a disappointment.  Fortunately for Sheena, she was about to record the theme to For Your Eyes Only which would become one of signature songs and biggest hits.

I eventually dumped that original Sheena Easton hits CD for The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection – a much more complete set with even more songs I hadn’t heard of, the best of which is the song “Machinery” which I like mostly because it’s a song called “Machinery” and someone had to find a word to rhyme with it. Naturally, “You Could Have Been With Me” is there as well.

Sheena is pretty much out of the spotlight these days – doing Vegas residencies and Pride events. But she left behind a legacy of 80s hits and misses that when taken as a whole, aren’t really half bad. Wish I could say the same thing about her hair in this video.

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