Fine / Kylie Minogue

kylie-minogue-kiss-me-once-album-cover-and-lyricsAfter several days of relatively well known songs, I’m going to break the streak and do a post about a Kylie Minogue album track. Get ready for this to be the least viewed post of the month.

Eight months after its release, I’m still struggling with Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once album. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s not great. The highs provided by Aphrodite and even X are higher than the ones you find on Kiss Me Once. Everything about the album – from packaging to single choices to promotion and even (sadly) the tour seem a bit thrown together and slapdash.  That said, I’m hard pressed to find a song on Kiss Me Once that I genuinely dislike.  Much like Madonna’s Hard Candy, it is somehow less than the sum of its parts (except on Hard Candy, I know the dogs are “Incredible” and “Spanish Lesson.”)

But shining like a star at the end of the album is “Fine.” The song is classic Kylie in that it makes me smile from ear to ear every time I hear it.  I’ve played in 53 times according to iTunes (more if you count Spotify plays and plays from the CD and vinyl) and I have yet to really grow tired of hearing it.  “Fine” is all pop song and sunny attitude, and is obviously not going to win any songwriting awards as the lyrics aren’t all that complicated, but it’s hard to hold that against a song as positive as “Fine.”

Fine, you’re gonna be fine
You don’t have to worry don’t you turn and run, run, run
Turn your face into the sun, sun, sun
Fine, you’re gonna be fine
It’s gonna be OK a brighter day will come, come, come
Turn your face into the sun, sun, sun

Don’t misunderstand me – as good as “Fine” is, it’s definitely not single material. Really, it’s better that way. It’ll go down as a great album track that never got overplayed – much like “Illusion” from Aphrodite and “Stars” from X.  I think that’s ultimately the trouble with Kiss Me Once – it’s an album full of album tracks, no songs really stand out as the go to tracks. Consequently, I had to find my own, and “Fine” was the cream that floated to the top.

I find myself singing “Fine” around the house a lot – a sure sign that it’s a keeper. I was thinking about it today because it really encapsulates what I love about pop music. Pop music knows how you feel, even if you cant quite express it. The number of times that Kylie telling me that I’m gonna be fi-i-ine and that a brighter day will come makes my day better just by it existing are too numerous to count.  It’s one of the things I love most about Kylie. She isn’t really trying to make a big statement, no Art For Freedom, no pink anything (and she survived breast cancer.) It’s just pop music that makes me feel good.  And that is really hard to beat.

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