There Goes My Baby / Trisha Yearwood

I’m cutting it pretty close tonight – it’s 11:05 PM and I’m finally writing today’s post. All I can say is that I’m glad I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Tonight’s song is courtesy of Keith, who I met way back in the day on and, like the cream of that crop, has managed to stay around on most of my social media ever since.

Trisha-Yearwood-There-Goes-My-Bab-128345I’ve always liked Trisha Yearwood – she’s 90s country and female after all, right? Funny thing is that I’ve never been able to really get through an entire album of hers, except for a hits collection.  Heidi had the CD of Hearts in Armor which is probably the closest I’ve ever come to listening to an entire Yearwood album.  I had kind of forgotten about “There Goes My Baby” until he requested I do a post about it.  Honestly, I thought the song was a cover and was surprised to find out that it was a Trisha Yearwood original.

As country songs go, it’s kind of a switcheroo because instead of Yearwood singing about how her baby done her wrong, she’s bemoaning her behavior in the relationship.  Right out of the gate, she’s remembering what a good guy he was.

He was the kind of guy who loved so unselfishly
And everyone could see what a prize he was
Everyone but me
I must be blind

Like I said, usually the men in country songs are nothing but cheating scum so the change up is definitely interesting. Unless they’re singing about their daddies, most of the songs about men in country do not paint men in the best light. But I’ve always kind of felt like Yearwood straddled the line of mainstream country music and doing her own thing. Sure she spun off hits like crazy but there always seemed to be so much more to her than just a hit making machine.  A part of it is her crazy strong voice. Although it’s no Ann Wilson of Heart, she is much more of a belter than many of the 90s female country artists. And not surprisingly, she’s an alto so it’s no wonder that she appeals to me. She is also not a stick insect and very curvy – that doesn’t hurt either.

Apparently the video to “There Goes My Baby” caused a bit of a fuss since it featured Yearwood it a less wholesome light than her previous videos did. It was her ONJ “Physical” moment! Still, it’s hard to argue with this video. It screams 90s and even though not all the memories of that time were good, it still makes me feel oddly nostalgic.

“There Goes My Baby” was the kick off single to her 1998 album Where Your Road Leads, which I have listened to in its entirety while I wrote this post. So I guess what I said about never having listened to a Trisha Yearwood album all the way through? Forget I said it.


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