Smells Like Karen Carpenter / Moneyshot Cosmonauts

(Ed note: I think we need something like this song to wipe the taste of Election Night 2014 out of all of our mouths.)

I don’t listen to Nirvana all that often, but when I do, I like it with a side of Karen Carpenter. Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.44.49 PM

Today’s song is the first “by request” song that I’m doing, and it comes from my friend Jess who introduced me to it. “Smells Like Karen Carpenter” by Moneyshot Cosmonauts is a parody song that takes the dulcet sounds of Karen Carpenter and puts them in the unlikely setting of Nirvana lyrics. You’d think that it couldn’t possibly work. You would be wrong.

In “Smells Like Karen Carpenter”, the lyrics of such Nirvana classics as “Come As You Are”, “All Apologies”, “Heart Shaped Box” and of course “Smells Like Teen Spirit” are set to the tune of the classic Carpenters song “Top of the World.”  While the juxtaposition of drugged out Cobain with wholesome Karen Carpenter is definitely brilliant, what puts the production over the top is just how much female vocalist Cari Golden manages to channel Karen Carpenter in her performance. There are many times that I really believe that it’s Karen Carpenter and not someone pretending to be her.

Cobain and Carpenter are, despite their completely different styles of music, linked by their premature deaths – Cobain from a drug overdose in 1994 and Carpenter from complications of anorexia in 1982. I suppose there’s no better place than this post to put in a plug for my friend Randy Schmidt’s definitive Karen Carpenter biography Little Girl Blue. It was one of the best books I read in 2011 and very likely paints the most accurate picture of Karen Carpenter as a human being. I blogged about it in March of 2011 and you can read the post here. It kind of makes me kind of want to seek out a book on Kurt Cobain, but I really have no idea where to start with that, although I suppose I could just watch the documentary Kurt & Courtney and call it good.

Moneyshot Cosmonauts also have another great parody song that would probably be appropriate for the Thanksgiving Day post. “Buy Yams…I Said” – a self-described Thanksgiving carol – that is a take-off on Neil Diamond’s “I Am…I Said.”  The best line of the song? “Buy yams, I whined! Buy yams! I screamed! And not sweet potatoes, they’re not the same thing!”

I probably love funny songs more than I should. But I really don’t care.

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